A Seat at the Table: Prometric Executives Named to Key Industry Boards


As the world of test development and delivery continues to evolve, Prometric is continually seeking to strengthen the full range of solutions we provide our clients. A significant part we play in our industry is to serve — and give voice to — the needs and interests of our clients. Prometric is pleased to announce that two key organizations in our industry have selected four company executives for leadership positions to support the Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE) and Association of Test Publishers (ATP) Boards.

Association of Test Publishers (ATP)

David A. Meissner, Prometric’s Vice President of Solutions Services, has been named to the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) Board of Directors. Board members are elected by representatives throughout the testing industry. In this role, Meissner represents the interests of ATP’s Certification/Licensure Division on the ATP Board.  As a frequent volunteer on testing association committees and guest speaker for industry events, Meissner brings insight into the value of having Prometric executives on the ATP and ICE Boards.

“It gives us a voice to the broader industry, to issues that our clients find relevant, and allows us to express concerns or objectives to our peers in a way that our clients by themselves likely would not have the ability to share.  It strengthens our clients’ ability to influence and shape the course of the profession and the industry — whether it’s relative to security, delivery, or the challenges and emerging opportunities associated with the test development process.”

The ATP “was founded to promote and develop testing and assessment best practices” for the benefit of test candidates, businesses and educational entities, and the public overall.  Meissner feels strongly about Prometric’s function as a “thought leader,” in addition to serving its role as the industry’s trusted provider of test development and delivery solutions.

“It’s not just about us going out and selling services, but gaining recognition that we are thought leaders in the industry with valuable insights and experience and a willingness to make the investments necessary to be viewed in that light. All of this positions us well in both our client relationships and new opportunity pursuits.”

European Association of Test Publishers (E-ATP)

Garrett Sherry, Prometric’s Associate Vice President and Country Manager for the United Kingdom and Ireland has been named Vice Chair of the European Division of the ATP. In this role, Sherry’s leadership will help the ATP gain a greater foothold in Europe.

The E-ATP seeks to forge a “collective voice” among European test publishers and the organizations most connected to the industry “for the purposes of networking, sharing innovative ideas and creating both educational and marketing opportunities related to testing and assessment.”

Sherry’s experience at Prometric will enable him to “represent the challenges of a broad spectrum of the European community and provide our clients with knowledge resources that represent the most recent trends among industry professionals.”

Prometric provides test development and delivery solutions for the academic, government, healthcare, financial, information technology, professional and corporate markets.

Association of Test Publishers: Asia

Ramesh Nava, Prometric’s Vice President and General Manager of Asia Pacific and Japan, has been named to the Founder’s Committee of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) for China and India. In his role at Prometric, Nava focuses on developing and leading the company’s business growth in Asia Pacific. Nava brings more than 20 years of experience in the region’s testing and assessment industry to the ATP’s efforts. As with the E-ATP, the ATP for China and India is growing its footprint throughout the region.

“Similar to how Prometric conducts its business throughout the world, the ATP is committed to improving and building the testing market globally, but on a regional level and with respect for indigenous business practices and unique cultural traditions,” said Nava.

Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE)

Linda Waters, Ph.D., Prometric’s Vice President of Professional Services has been elected to the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) Board of Directors. In this role, Waters serves as the Board’s liaison to the ICE Research and Development committee, in addition to overall Board responsibilities. The three-year term Waters fills is the sole seat at the ICE table for industry vendors and serves a three-year term.

In a press release announcing ICE’s new Board, Executive Director Denise Roosendall, CAE, said, “I am truly eager to work with this year’s ICE Board of Directors. Each board member has demonstrated an exceptional level of experience, dedication, and a vision for where the credentialing industry can be. Their leadership will continue and drive the high quality services that ICE provides to the credentialing community.”

The ICE’s mission is to “advance credentialing through education, standards, research, and advocacy to ensure competence across professions and occupations.”

“Prometric’s role on the ICE Board is unique and provides immense value for our clients, our organization and the industry in general,” said Waters. “It’s a value proposition for which Prometric serves as a fulcrum. Our clients — as well as ICE — gain tremendous knowledge that can translate into actionable practices from both ends of the industry. It’s a dynamic and engaging position in which to represent our industry with respect and integrity.”

ICE new board members release[PDF]
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