Access to India’s Distinguished Graduate Business Schools on the Rise


The Indian Institutes of Management and Prometric are preparing for more students to appear for CAT 2013. According to Professor Rohit Kapoor, Common Admission Test (CAT) 2013 Convenor, “This year’s CAT students will have greater opportunity for admission into the IIMs.”

Across all IIMs, 115 seats have been added for B-School admissions this year, a total of 3,335 seats. IIM graduates continue year after year to be among the most valued professionals entering the workforce, earning very attractive compensation packages offered during campus placement by global corporations as well as large Indian transnational companies. Consulting, Finance and Sales/Marketing careers continue to be leading sectors for recruitment.


Professor Kapoor added, “IIMs enable students with an opportunity to pursue their career options through a personally and professionally enriching experience. During their IIM journey, if they play their cards right, if they develop the right skill sets and if they are able to put their best foot forward, then there will be no limitation in career choices, in-spite of macroeconomic phenomena.”

CAT registration shows this to be the case even while unemployment remains above 9 per cent. IIMs represent the premium brand of B-Schools. Demand is strong, and registrations are in their third consecutive year of growth. In 2010, CAT registration was 204,000 aspirants. In 2011, CAT registration reached 205,000 and, in 2012, CAT reached 214,000.

The number of women appearing for CAT has been steadily increasing, as well — from 53,700 in 2010 to 56,000 in 2011. For 2012, more than 60,800 women appeared for the CAT.

Prometric’s computer-based testing model allows for greater accessibility over a short window of time across India. Four new testing locations at Surat, Udaipur, Thiruvananthapuram and Vijaywada, in 2013, bring Prometric’s network of CAT sites to 40 and provide added flexibility to CAT 2013 candidates to choose their testing locations.

As a result, more people are able to participate, and they are able to perform at their best in a professional and secure environment.

Female aspirants are achieving better success on the CAT, as well, with 255 women scoring higher than the 99 percentile on CAT 2012.

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