Announcing EasyServe Voucher Express Enhancements for IT Clients


EasyServe is the name Prometric gives to technology and process enhancements we take that make it easier for you to work with us. It is an umbrella name for all initiatives that support automation, flexibility and technological convenience. We are pleased to announce to our clients in the IT area that Pay Upon Redemption (PUR) Vouchers are now available through Prometric EasyServe Voucher Express, in addition to the Prepaid capabilities that have been available for some time!

Many of Prometric’s customers take advantage of the benefits of Pay Upon Redemption Vouchers, which include supporting sales campaigns, vendor programs or partner programs and to drive availability of their exams through a wide audience.  With the launch of PUR Vouchers through Voucher Express, Prometric is substantially simplifying the process of how these types of vouchers are created, managed and distributed. In fact, the process is now easier than ever for our clients.

Client users of PUR vouchers will now have the ability to generate voucher batches on their own and download them immediately!  In addition, once a voucher batch is created you will have the ability to void vouchers, change the voucher expiration date, alter the exams for which the voucher is available and even update the countries and sites at which the voucher is redeemable.  This all happens online and in real time through the Voucher Express interface.

In addition to allowing customers to quickly create and manage Pay Upon Redemption voucher batches online, they can view the voucher status through our enhanced reporting functionality to see if a voucher is still available, redeemed or expired.

You can check out Voucher Express by visiting:   There, you can create a user account (if you don’t already have one) and request PUR Authorization to begin taking advantage of this enhanced functionality. (Please note that if this is your first time using Voucher Express, you will need to create a new account, even if you have worked with Prometric in the past). At this time, Voucher Express is only available to clients in our IT segment, although we do plan to widen the availability in the future.

Some feedback we’ve already received from some of our client users includes:

  • “Very user friendly”
  • “Great feature/Great Tool”
  • “We see lots of applications for this tool.”
  • “Looks great!”
  • “I see myself using this right away.”
  • “Looks really good!  This should streamline processes.”
  • “I’m all for self service!”

We hope you agree that Pay Upon Redemption vouchers, now available through Voucher Express, provides you with easier, faster and more convenient ordering, management and distribution capabilities!  In the meantime, please contact your Client Services Manager with any questions.