ASE Selects Prometric as New Testing Partner


Prometric, the world’s leading provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment services, today announced that the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has signed an exclusive, long term agreement with Prometric for computer-based delivery of its certification tests.

ASE’s switch to Prometric as a test services provider marks only the second time in its almost 40-year history that it has changed testing partners. Working with Prometric, ASE will for the first time in history offer its certification exams exclusively in computer based test (CBT) form rather than via paper and pencil. While Prometric expects to begin delivering some of the newly computerized ASE tests beginning in Summer 2011 through its network of secure test centers, full conversion of all exams to CBT won’t be until 2012.

”ASE’s decision to transition its certification program to computer-based testing will substantially increase test taker access and convenience while enhancing security of the exams,” said Michael Brannick, President and CEO of Prometric. “Prometric has successfully converted hundreds of exams and millions of test items from paper to computer format — literally more than any other provider in the world. We are proud of our ability to apply this practical expertise to ASE’s certification program and look forward to the successful transition.”

“The new partnership with Prometric will allow us to enhance our testing program in many ways as we move toward an exclusively computer-based testing platform,” said Tim Zilke, ASE President & CEO. “We’ve been working very hard to find the right testing partner with the capability of delivering ASE tests in a CBT format at a price comparable to our written testing and we are confident that Prometric is that partner.”