Assessment Alliance survey launch!


Please take a few minutes to complete our latest Assessment Alliance Survey: Test Development and Test Content Management. The survey is designed to produce statistics about test item and test form production and management. The purpose of the survey questions is to make determinations at the policies, procedures and best practices that govern test development and test content management. The resultant white paper will seek to give clients actionable intelligence for application to their test development practices. Click here to participate in the survey and collaborate with other test sponsors – it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes!

What is the Assessment Alliance? At Prometric, we are often asked by clients what other test sponsors do in certain situations – what their best practices are for testing, or how they manage, run or grow their assessment programs. Learning from other test sponsors – those that operate within your industry as well as those who don’t – can provide valuable insight into the state of testing affairs, enabling you to understand important trends and make more informed decisions with regard to your own testing programs. Prometric facilitates this dialogue through the Assessment Alliance.

We serve hundreds of clients that span almost every industry, giving us unique visibility into the issues impacting testing practices and credentialing programs across the board. We believe helping you access this information adds value to the services we provide you. Here’s how it works: Once or twice a year Prometric develops and posts a short online survey about a relevant and timely industry topic. We then send out the survey link to Assessment Alliance participants, including you. Taking no more than five or 10 minutes to complete, your input and the input of others in our client base (whose names and companies are kept confidential) is used to provide aggregated and accurate cross-industry data for analysis. Prometric analyzes the data, provides perspective about industry trends and commentary on the findings, and sometimes suggests actions you can take to maximize the value you get from the information.

Though you will be asked to provide your organization’s name, Prometric will never include company names or names of individuals in the analysis and we will never share the name of your organization in any context, including in the survey results and analysis.

Gathering accurate and useful data to feed your decision-making can be costly and time consuming – let Prometric do the leg work and just provide you with the results. The opportunity to “see” what other organizations do in exchange for a few minutes of your time every few months could benefit your testing program substantially. We hope you’ll join us in creating a community of ideas and best practices.

We’ve already conducted a few Assessment Alliance surveys; one was about the economy and testing and the other was about security.