Biometric Measurement of TCA Performance in our Non-IT Centers


Prometric’s Channel team has been busy working on an initiative to better standardize the quality of test center administrator (TCA) performance at our non-IT test centers by using biometric devices.

It is of course imperative to both Prometric and our clients that we deliver our exams in a properly invigilated environment, with attentive staff watching for the needs of our candidates whilst ensuring the integrity of the test and protecting the exams and exam content.  One of the ways we demonstrate this is via regular walkthroughs of the test centers. This shows candidates that the TCAs are available for questions or other needs, but also ensures that no inappropriate activity is taking place at each workstation. This is done in addition to electronic monitoring and recording via CCTV or DVR.

To further measure the frequency at which the walk-throughs are occurring we have rolled out the installation of biometric devices in each test room that need to be touched by the TCA each time they move through the test room. In many regions these devices also recognize the fingerprint of the TCA so we can ensure the person monitoring the room is, in fact, the accredited Prometric TCA on duty. (Please note that in some countries privacy laws prohibit the capturing of the fingerprint in this way so the device is touched with the inside of the thumb). The biometric system generates reminder messages to TCAs to perform their walkthroughs on time. With the aid of system-generated reports, we are able to monitor individual site performance to ensure that all sites are meeting the requirement of four walkthroughs per hour.

Overall, TCA biometrics is assisting us in better enforcing the global standardization of proctoring. By emphasizing the walkthroughs we also underline the requirement for the TCAs to remain vigilant at all times, whilst reinforcing a standard that needs to be demonstrated to maintain the high level of security we expect at our centers.