Creating Test Centers of the Future


We’re excited to announce that a major re-engineering of our test center hardware is now underway that will make us the first in market with virtualized test centers. Once fully deployed, test center virtualization will give us unmatched flexibility to deliver tests to more people in more countries, more reliably and more securely.

Virtualization is the creation of a virtual (rather than physical) version of something, such as hardware platforms, operating systems, software applications, storage devices or network resources. With virtualization, we will be able to:

  • Transform our test workstations into presentation terminals requiring less robust hardware ─ because special technology will create a virtual application layer for test center software to run our test center servers and workstations
  • Enable remote processing without disrupting the way proctors now work at their administration stations or how candidates take their tests at workstations ─ because software applications previously required for test center administration and test delivery will run in a virtual environment

What’s more, virtualization software will eliminate the need to integrate specific software, hardware, operating systems and workstations as is currently the case. And it will allow us to use a much broader base of systems to act as test center servers and workstations. It will even be possible to use workstation hardware that you or your candidates own, making it easier to test from any location worldwide. Virtualization will help us to reduce server issues and downtime resulting from workstation outages – making for a better, all-around testing experience for your candidates.