EasyServe–What is it?


logo-easy-serveEasyServe is the name of a Prometric initiative. EasyServe seeks to automate client access to as much information as possible. A little at a time, we’ve been building the technology infrastructure to support our long-term vision of providing you with a one-stop-shop for your candidate’s information, event or program information, financial information and much more. So far, we’ve launched Voucher Express, an online voucher purchasing system and “seat availability,” a feature that enables candidates to check online for open seats themselves. Another recent EasyServe enhancement is the ability for candidates of non-IT testing programs to manage, online, the request and printing of receipts for test delivery fees paid to Prometric for services.

This fall, the first “reporting” functions will become available in pilot form to five Prometric clients who’ve graciously agreed to try it out! The three reports we’ll be piloting: History Report, Reschedule/Cancel Report and Candidate Event Lifecycle Report, is intended to give clients transparent visibility into specified details of their respective testing programs. Clients will also have the ability to “permit” (or not) others within their organizations to see certain levels of information. The pilot is expected to last about two or three months, during which time we will gather feedback on usability, functionality and other areas to incorporate into the “final” product. We’ll keep you posted on this and other EasyServe features as they develop later this year and into 2011.