Elizabeth Gilbert: Keep Creating through Failure and Success (Speaker Spotlight)


Prometric is a company committed to a set of values that get the right test to the right test taker at the right time and place. Our more than 2,000 employees, every day, live our values and seek to provide every testing candidate with a fair opportunity to earn valid, accurate test scores to prove they have the right knowledge, skills and abilities to reach their career and education goals.

Elizabeth Gilbert is the acclaimed author of “Eat, Pray, Love,” but success came only after six years of constant rejection and nearly every day finding rejection letters waiting for her. For testing candidates, earning successful test scores comes only after falling short one or more times. On the development and delivery side, providing the best possible testing infrastructure and candidate experience is a continuing process of learning, evolving and building on the successes and challenges of every exam.

The difference in Gilbert’s success and failure was not giving up on herself and, in Gilbert’s own words, she succeeded by “going home.” For Gilbert, going home meant focusing on the core values of why she writes. Gilbert realized she loved writing enough to persevere through the “blinding darkness of disappointment.”

Prometric’s values catapult us through every challenge to achieve your results. We share in your loyalty, interest and care for the people who depend on your exams to accomplish professional licenses, certifications and accreditations, recruiting and employment requirements, and test scores to open doors to higher education.

Watch Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED presentation and learn for yourself how one author finds her “drive to keep creating” through extreme failure and success.

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