Exam Security: Protecting Your Intellectual Property


Safeguarding exam content requires a comprehensive and continuous approach. Prometric employs a full testing lifecycle approach that protects your intellectual property across these four areas.

  • Test Development and Publishing
  • Technology Enablement
  • Test Delivery
  • Results and Analysis

Look for more details on Prometric’s life cycle of security solutions in the coming newsletters. This issue, let’s focus on the following areas.

Resource Level Blocking

During the Test Development and Publishing phase, Resource Level Blocking technologies are built in the computerized test. These innovations recognize overuse of an item and systematically limit exposure of any single item by replacing it with less-used items.

Encryption Management Tools

During the Technology Enablement phase, advanced algorithms are utilized to encrypt items as an exam is transmitted for delivery.

Digital Video Recordings

Overhead cameras give a bird’s eye view of every key point in the Prometric test center during the test delivery phase. Recordings are reviewed by expert auditors and can be used by clients to investigate concerns.

Data Forensics

Daily data capture and analysis during the Results and Analysis phase provides intelligence tools to identify unusual test patterns, such as short test durations or unusually high exam score patterns. Behavior detection software can detect suspicious activity and lock down on an exam, rendering threats ineffective.