How Does Prometric Plan?


September begins our budgeting season and, with it, strategic visions get translated into specific investments in the Technology we use to power your testing programs. These customer-inspired advancements include the transformative, which includes projects and initiatives such as EasyServe, as well as feature enhancements to our products and systems that you may know by name: Intelitest, Biometrics, or IBT, among others.

The plans will be shaped over the course of the fourth quarter and, by the first quarter of 2011, we will be aligned to execute on the approved projects in order to achieve our objectives. These projects are inspired by you and informed by the discussions that you have over the course of the year with Client Services, whether in Quarterly Business Reviews or other formal and informal discussions with Prometric. We are listening. Keep talking. As we plan these investments we commit to keeping you informed of what’s to come from Technology in support of our shared business interests.