Intelitest Version 3.3 Successfully Released


The latest release to Intelitest has some exciting new functionality built in that will make our test development services even better!

Expanded Statistical Capabilities

  • Provides an automated data feed for classical statistics from RDM (Results Data Management) that will make tracking certain items statistics more streamlined.
  • Provides the user the ability to import, edit and display IRT statistics directly from the user interface. This function will also allow us to link IRT statistics to the actual item and will continue to be important as we continue to see market adoption for Linear on the Fly (LOFT) testing by our clients.

Expanded Search Capabilities

  • Users can now search for items by text contained within the item. This added functionality will allow Prometric to more effectively manage our clients’ item banks on their behalf.

Support for Paper Based Testing

  • One of the key benefits of Intelitest is the linkage with the Prometric delivery and publishing systems, and one of the challenges prior to this update was the inability to publish paper exams. With the implementation of the PBT features, we will be delivery channel independent, allowing clients to develop all exams within the Intelitest system, regardless of their mode of delivery.
  • An ancillary benefit is the creation of the PBT workbook, which is a paper report that can be used for item review workshops (and other purposes).

Client Customizable Fields

  • These 10 new fields will allow clients to store certain pieces of metadata within the item and additional information about their item content, for example, secondary item classifications.