Monumental Thinking to be Re-launched in the February 2011 Issue


Monumental Thinking, Prometric’s client community website, was featured in the first issue of the Prometric Today newsletter and will be re-launched in the February 2011 issue.  We believe that through the regular exchange of ideas, Prometric and our client base will benefit from shared thoughts and knowledge, allowing a free-form dialogue between both groups.  This dialogue began at the 2010 Prometric Executive Summit and has expanded to a larger audience of colleagues as we approach the new year.

In February, you will notice an entirely new look-and-feel with a simpler layout so that it is easier for you to navigate through the information.  The content will include a thought-leader/speaker spotlight, a resource center with presentations and articles to download, a summit archive and more.   Our first thought-leader spotlight will be columnist and innovation coach, Dale Dauten.  Mr. Dauten spoke at a recent Prometric event and we would like to share some of the business lessons learned from his presentation on “Laughing Warriors, How to Enjoy Killing the Status Quo.”

We hope you will find the new and improved site relevant and informational! Once we launch in February, we would like to encourage you to visit frequently for new, thought-provoking inspiration.