Need to feel inspired? Check out our Monumental Thinking Thought Leadership Site


We are excited to announce the newly redesigned Monumental Thinking, a website dedicated exclusively to thought leadership content for our clients. Prometric has enhanced the Monumental Thinking site, which can be viewed at, to help you easily navigate your way through thought-provoking research and valuable methodologies that you can apply to your organization and your personal growth.  We have assembled information from the past and present, from both internal and external experts in various industries.  The newly designed site promotes a learning and communications environment, meant to evoke sharable thoughts and innovative ideas.  While the Prometric Today newsletter seeks to inform clients about goings-on here at Prometric, the Monumental Thinking site is intended to provide a place where articles and presentations can be shared, ideas from leading thinkers in various industries can be posted and experiences and concepts from leading experts can be fused together – None of it specifically related to Prometric.

The new set of content featured this month originates from what we’ve learned!

  • Dale Dauten, an innovation coach, spoke to a group of Prometric leaders last year to share stories and techniques on how to experiment with change.  Dauten is featured in this month’s Thought Leader Spotlight.
  • The site also features the inspirational, thought provoking and “Monumental” speakers who have addressed certain of our clients at various events over the last few years. We encourage you to review their posted presentations and to seek out further information in which you may be interested.
  • Finally, be sure to explore the resource center, which includes presentations on industry topics from some subject matter experts within Prometric and which serves as the new home of the Assessment Alliance white papers, available for download at any time.

We encourage you to visit the site often and share your thoughts and knowledge with others. If you have content or ideas you’d like to see included on the site, please reach out to your normal Prometric contact or send an e-mail to Tara McCleary at [email protected].The link to the Monumental Thinking website will be included in each issue of this newsletter to provide you with easy access, but be sure to save it as a “favorite!”