New IBT Functionality Benefits Clients and Candidates


In mid-April, Prometric released new Internet-Based Testing (IBT) functionality as part of our strategic, phased release that focuses on providing the right security features, the right capabilities and the right test delivery options to you and your exam candidates.

As you may know, IBT allows tests to be delivered over the Internet within an HTML browser-based environment, making tests more accessible to the right candidates in a secure environment worldwide. IBT offers a lower-cost testing solution in a modern, easy-to-use user interface.

Our recent launch of the latest IBT functionality on April 17 rounds out our portfolio of test delivery options and provides additional capabilities that benefit you and candidates, such as the following:

The Right Security Features

The most recent launch of IBT functionality provides the following enhancements to client and candidate security:

  • A new Windows 7-compatible lockdown browser, which not only provides a secure online testing environment by preventing access to areas outside the testing event, but which also is faster and easier to install than the previous lockdown browser.
  • Whitelist and blacklist capabilities allow clients to determine which, if any, external websites a candidate may visit while testing.

The Right Capabilities

In addition to security enhancements, the latest IBT release offers additional capabilities that benefit both clients and candidates, including:

  • The introduction of an updated, user-friendly Web-based test environment
  • Custom navigation buttons that make computer-based testing (CBT) and IBT look much more similar – which make it easier for candidates to test in both platforms
  • Changes to human-graded items that support candidate scoring and reduce overall grading timeframes
  • Enhancements to Voice Capture as an item type
  • Eligibility convergence between IBT and CBT platforms

The Right Test Delivery Options

The right security features and the right capabilities can only be meaningful to our clients if they are provided through the right delivery channel. As we develop the IBT environment, we are also looking ahead at new technology, delivery methods and market needs. In this context, Prometric’s portfolio of delivery options is evolving to include the following:

  • Computer-based testing (CBT): We pioneered computer-based testing more than 20 years ago to give our clients a flexible, adaptable system to deliver exams to their candidates.
  • Paper-based testing (PBT): We continue to offer standard pen-and-paper test solutions to clients in various industries and disciplines.
  • Internet-based testing (IBT): IBT allows tests to be delivered over the Internet with a minimum of technology requirements on the user’s side.
  • Future Test Delivery: In the coming years, we plan to introduce virtual test environments as a future technological improvement that will offer candidates the flexibility to test using a Smartphone, tablet (such as an iPad) or other PDA or mobile device without having to report to a mandated test center location.

We’ll continue to keep you updated as we release new IBT features and other technology initiatives.