New Multi-Tick Voucher Type for IT Clients


Prometric is proud to announce the launch of a new type of voucher – Multi-Tick! Multi-Tick vouchers can now group exams, certification paths, and variable discounts into one prepaid or promotional voucher number.  With a Multi-Tick voucher, a single candidate can use one single voucher to take multiple exams. Since these vouchers are, many times, paid for in advance they will drive candidates to continue down a certification path to its completion.

Previously, the voucher concept was limited to a result dependent voucher model where the candidate either gets the second test for a discount or a free retake, depending on their results.  While this is a great model, it is limited to two exams.  Two additional types of vouchers – the “Exam Group Multi Redemption” and the “Tiered Multi Redemption” were created, both of which allow clients to offer one voucher that is good for multiple exams to one candidate user. This new flexibility enables clients to make special promotions available, assemble certification packages and many other things, and sell the vouchers  through Voucher Express, our online voucher sales system.

The Exam Group Multi Redemption voucher offers our clients and candidates groups of exams with one voucher.

  • While this voucher requires the same person who first redeems it to schedule the subsequent exams, it also allows Prometric to add as many exams as we would like to the voucher and break them out into groups.
  • The voucher can be used on different exams or for retakes.
  • A common analogy of this model is a “certification track” that consists of multiple exams on different subjects that equal a certification.

The Tiered Multi Redemption voucher is very similar to the previous exam retake voucher model, but without the two exam limit.

  • Tiered Multi Redemption requires a result status on each use prior to its next use but allows Prometric to offer the candidate a discount on multiple exams.
  • A common analogy of this model is “buy 2 at 10% off, get one free”.
  • Like the Exam Group Multi Redemption voucher, Prometric can offer an unlimited number of exams attached to one voucher.

Clients are free to use these new vouchers to offer discounts, free tests or other promotions to drive value, but must fund any of these activities themselves. If IT clients wish to create a Multi Redemption voucher type, they should contact their Client Services Manager, who will work with our Finance and Billing teams to make the necessary adjustments on the Prometric side. They can also mark it as active for online sales via Voucher Express.  Once the parameters of the Multi Redemption voucher have been identified and submitted to our Finance group, implementation should occur within 2-3 business days.

Multi-Tick vouchers provide a new level of foresight and flexibility into voucher sales, opening up many possibilities for marketing to drive certification value and volume! We are excited to launch the new offering and are confident that our IT Clients will effectively use these new voucher types to drive growth in their programs!