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For employers, certification of professional staff provides a way to communicate their commitment to excellence in a crowded marketplace. For employees, individual certification provides portable credentials that support employment mobility in an increasingly fluid job market. For customers, whether businesses or consumers, certifications provide assurance that the plumbers, electricians, doctors, lawyers, engineers, software developers, real estate agents, pilots, and others have been approved to apply their knowledge and skills by an organization intimately involved in building and maintaining the repository of information and techniques that lie at the core of each profession.

The importance of professional certifications, and the exams that support them, should mean that the methods and processes by which tests are created are highly refined, uniform and rigorous. However, the first report in this series shows that informal, improvised mechanisms and processes are commonly used throughout the exam development process by a substantial proportion of organizations involved in professional certification.

This report takes a closer look at: (1) two critical components of the exam development process, including item (or question) development and test design; and (2) the needs and challenges of certifying organizations to successfully complete them. Download it today to read the full report.