Reminder for Paper-Based or Internet Testing Clients for Nurse Aide, Cosmetology, Construction-Related and Other State/County Programs


Do you want your candidates to get a faster response from Prometric? Ask your candidates to share their e-mail addresses with us! Sending confirmation information to them in an e-mail can substantially shorten their wait times!

As you may or may not know, when your candidates send in an application to register to take a test with us, we send them a letter back, in the mail, confirming their testing date, time and other details. We want to give your candidates the option to receive this information from us in e-mail format as an alternative to snail mail. Sending this information via e-mail means they will get their test details much more quickly and much farther in advance of their test, providing them with more time to make any necessary changes to their test day or time if they need to. Essentially, their having more time will give them enhanced flexibility. (Please note that we are not eliminating snail-mail letters for those candidates for whom we either don’t have an e-mail address or for whom we have a bad e-mail address on file; they will continue to receive a snail mail letter from us just as they do today.)

How you can help:

  • Post language on your website to advise your candidates about this speedy alternative. Many of them will want to take advantage of the capability if they know about it. (We can provide you with language if you need it!)
  • Do you send a newsletter or e-mail blast out to your candidates? Why not include a short promotion of this new, faster option? (Again, we can provide you with language to use).

Some of the things we are doing to help collect e-mail addresses from your candidates include:

  • Updating language in our candidate information bulletins to encourage them to provide us with an e-mail contact
  • Updating the application and registration forms to include a field for e-mail address
  • Communicating to training schools and facilities to help them make candidates aware that we now offer this service