Second Annual Business Continuity Exercise a Success!


Prometric conducts an annual Disaster Recovery Exercise, the purpose of which is to validate the plans, procedures, and ability of selected Prometric teams who support your test programs to execute their respective business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans to address an unscheduled, extended loss of access to the Prometric facilities located in Baltimore MD. We do this by recovering a representative set of business systems and subsystems, without actually transferring or replacing production operations to those systems, and bringing them back up at an alternate location.  A secondary goal is to bring up an alternate workspace to support our business in the case of an emergency.

This year’s exercise was conducted in October and was once again observed by a third party evaluator to judge our performance and document our procedures.

The overall scope of the exercise was significant in that it included Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, network, applications and more than 100 servers, as well as user workspace.  The exercise was coordinated by the Prometric Business Continuity Planning (BCP) team along with the primary IT teams supporting the exercise; Systems Recovery Team (SRT), Global Command Center (GCC), End User Support, Technology Quality Management (TQM) and Software Development.  Workspace testing was conducted by the Contact Center, the Global Help Desk, Client Services, Candidate Care, Configuration Management and Results Management.

Prometric was evaluated on performance in several areas, including: infrastructure enablement and application recovery; quality control application testing; workspace set-up; and end-user testing. There were a number of specific objectives defined as well all of which were met successfully. According to our third party evaluator we successfully:

  • Verified the completeness of recovery plans, synchronization of team tasks, and ability of teams to execute tasks for recovery operations.
  • Validated the strategy, plans, resiliency infrastructure, and ability of teams to recover identified systems to meet recovery time objectives.
  • Verified the recovery strategy, plans, resiliency infrastructure, and ability of teams to configure the “mobile recovery alternate worksite” to enable data communications and telecommunications via satellite from the alternate workspace in mobile units to the disaster recovery data center.
  • Verified that the alternate worksite can be made operational and meets acceptable performance requirements.

Once again, our exercise has demonstrated that we are well prepared to continue to support your business with us, even in a disaster or emergency situation.