Subject Matter Expert Survey


Prometric maintains a database of almost 2,000 subject matter experts whom we work with on test development projects for many of our clients in almost every industry. We rely on subject matter experts to create and validate items for many of our client programs, for item writing workshops, for item refresh exercises, for job analyses and many other test development functions we provide. We can either recruit SMEs on behalf of clients or simply manage clients’ SMEs through a specific project. We keep in touch with them regularly through a quarterly newsletter called “Connect,” and through an online site called “Bookme” – where SMEs all over the world can search for test development opportunities, share their availability with Prometric or check out upcoming projects they want to be involved in.

We work hard to improve the processes and procedures surrounding how we work with this audience. As such, we wanted to begin measuring some of their beliefs, opinions and perceptions about their work and their relationship with Prometric. We recently conducted a survey of our SME colleagues to see what they thought. We invited about 1,200 SMEs to participate in the survey and over 300 responded – producing an over 41% response rate. Here are some of the results!

  • 87.5% have worked with Prometric in 2009 or 2010.
  • 91% are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their experience working with Prometric.
  • 85.5% would recommend Prometric to other subject matter experts
  • 94% would be willing to work with Prometric again in the future.