TCFlow 2 Deployment Update


In our last update we mentioned that this fall would mark the beginning of the rollout of TCFlow 2, the new test center delivery software used in our IT test sites, to our IT test centers worldwide. In late August we began a controlled deployment, which lasted throughout September, to approximately 100 sites across Asia, India, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Each site received a phone call from either a member of our Channel or Help Desk teams to schedule a date and time to walk them through installation of the latest version of the software. Our goal is to have these 100 first wave sites deliver a few thousand exams using TCFlow 2 by the end of September. We successfully hit our goal – with about 100 sites operational and almost 6,000 exams delivered. This has allowed us to see not only how the software is performing in the field, but gauge reaction from the test sites and the test center administrators working there.

Feedback has been fantastic – both about the way the deployments and installations have been managed, and about the ease of use of TCFlow itself.  According to employees at the sites, communications with our data center are faster, the user interface is clean and efficient, and candidate check-in runs more smoothly. See some comments for yourself below!

“TCFlow = the best software Prometric has ever had. Great, fast and easy to use. We are very satisfied.” Tech for Sites FR19 and FR72

“TCFlow is a good tool – easy to use and very understanding. Nothing more to add; everything is perfect.” TCA from Site Number FR99

“TCFlow is faster and more complete than the previous (software). All can be done from the Admin Station, so the tests can be scheduled faster and in an easier way.” TCA from Site Number SP47

Since the installations and the exam deliveries on the TCFlow platform have gone well Prometric has begun planning for the full field roll out, which we are working to complete during 2011.