TCFlow Update for IT clients


logo-tcflowSince August of 2009, Prometric has been gradually rolling out TCFlow – a new, streamlined and updated site administration software developed specifically for our IT test center network. The first version of TCFlow was successfully deployed and installed into more than half of our global channel. This Fall, TCFlow version 2 is coming out – and will offer sites an even more powerful and streamlined interface than its predecessor.

Among other things, TCFlow 2 will replace the technology that enables communications between the sites and Prometric’s data center. This will result in faster, stronger communications back and forth, and will make candidate data transfer more efficient. Benefits of TCFlow to candidates include the ability to schedule, reschedule or cancel exams on the same day and faster check-in on site.

Of the sites operating on TCFlow, the feedback provided back to Prometric has been overwhelmingly positive as far as improvements in ease of use, clean interface and candidate efficiencies.