TED Talk: “What do we do with all this big data?”


In her 2014 Ted Talk, Susan Etlinger urges all of us to utilize heightened critical thinking skills to make big data work for us, in context, rather than letting the data control us.

Etlinger, whose son was diagnosed with autism at age 2, tells how data regarding her son was factually accurate without fully accounting for Isaac’s potential. Personal interaction with Isaac showed that he was able to communicate and engage and grow beyond initial diagnoses.


Per Etlinger’s website, “Susan works with global 2000 clients to incorporate listening and measurement into organizational culture and practice. She focuses primarily on social data, helping organizations develop frameworks and process that enable them to extract insights from the social web and act on them in a practical, repeatable and scalable manner. Susan also works with technology vendors to refine product roadmaps and strategies based on her independent research.”

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