Testing Accommodation Investments Improve Candidate Experience


Noise Abatement, Extended Time Self-Scheduling and Mobile Toolkits Help Bring Greater Convenience, Scheduling Access and Overall Testing Experience to Candidates

Prometric’s mission statement acknowledges the company’s ongoing commitment to instituting “changes that improve the candidate experience,” ensuring a fair opportunity for all candidates to earn accurate test results that ultimately lead to career and educational attainment.  Testing Accommodations (TA) are an important aspect to ensuring everyone is measured fairly.  Upon careful consideration from a continuous dialogue with candidates and clients, and through guidance prescribed by the Americans with Disabilities Act, Prometric has made substantial enhancements to its Testing Accommodations offerings this year, notably among them are upgrades in Noise Abatement, Extended Time Self-Scheduling and Mobile TA Toolkits.

“The technology and process improvements we’ve made signify to our candidates and clients that we listen to and utilize their feedback,” said Michael Brannick, President and CEO of Prometric.  “As a result, candidates can schedule next day exams, have library-like environments while testing and benefit from a more automated and convenient experience.”

volume-16-kitPrometric has supplied all of its corporate-owned test sites in North America with mobile testing accommodations toolkits.  Like something out of a spy movie, every toolkit provides complete solutions for 95 percent of all TA equipment used.  For an area that once required 10-day advanced scheduling, Prometric’s Testing Accommodations toolkits provide clients next day testing availability.

Prometric listened to candidate feedback on seeking quieter conditions.  The solution was to ensure all Prometric-owned test sites in North America included white noise machines to create a “library-like” environment for candidates.  Feedback has validated the investment, with candidates providing positive feedback on their testing experiences.

The most candidate-requested testing accommodation is extended time, and candidates regularly seek more automated scheduling tools, comparable to online shopping and travel reservations.  Prometric has fully implemented an online self-scheduling tool that meets candidate expectations and allows for a more convenient option when requesting extended time.  Already having test sponsor approval, self-scheduling for extended time adds convenience to the scheduling process and allows candidates to focus more fully on test preparation.

Testing Accommodations Advocates are specifically trained to provide empathetic and accountable service for every candidate, such as using people-first language and supporting candidates through their complete testing experience.  By making systems and operational improvements to how phone calls are routed into Prometric’s Global Candidate Care Center, candidates now receive more direct and focused help by their TA Advocates.

In all, more than 4,400 testing accommodations candidates have benefited from greater convenience, increased scheduling access and a better overall testing experience through the investments Prometric has made to support the commitments its clients make to candidates seeking their licenses, certifications, accreditations and other valued credentials or degrees.