Upgrades Coming to our IT Channel


There are a handful of key strategic areas on which we’ll be focused this year for the test center network where we deliver IT exams. At Prometric, we view it as our responsibility to provide sites with the best possible tools, information and assistance so they can successfully do their jobs. The areas we listed below will give you a high level view of where we are focusing our efforts and investments in this channel, and will outline some of the benefits to sites of focusing on these areas. In our opinion, a happy, well-run and well-managed site is a pre-cursor to a positive and secure testing experience for your candidates.

Strategic Initiatives What is it? Why should you care?
Improving Test Center Systems We’re creating a new modern online interface from where all test center employees, from owners to center administrators, will need to perform day to day site operations. Quite simply, the new interface will provide a consolidated web-based site where everything a test center needs, from your client practices to your program manuals, TCFlow login (our administrative software) and everything else can be accessed. Once we switch to this new interface, all sites will use it to conduct day to day business and operations, giving sites faster communications upload and download connections to Prometric.
Enabling More Self Service Capabilities through EasyServe Channel A sister site to the one we’re building for clients, the EasyServe channel will seek to give site owners and TCAs the ability to conduct as much of their business through “self service” as possible. EasyServe, will be available 24/7 on-demand. Site owners will be able to access site compensation information and other important business details. Additionally, each TCA or owner will have a username and password that is unique to the individual instead of the site. This will enable us to better track who is using what application and who is retrieving what information, allowing us to better engage with this audience on a deeper level.
Enhancing the Security of Exam Content & Delivery We’re moving toward secure single sign-on across systems, as well as enhanced tools to improve the security of candidate check-in and test delivery. Because security is one of the reasons that people come to our centers to test, improving on security is always top of mind for us. Delivering the most secure service supports all of our clients who opt to deliver their exams in the Prometric network by maintaining the integrity of the tests.
Helping to Grow their Businesses We’re improving how vouchers are purchased and providing site owners with direct access to useful marketing tools. Voucher sales and marketing tools will drive volume to the IT centers, increasing revenue for the sites and Prometric’s clients. A win-win scenario for all involved! Since we launched this capability, over 46% of all voucher orders are now processed and fulfilled online – making the ease and speed at which voucher customers are served significantly better! Clearly…it’s catching on!