What’s New in the World of Intelitest?


On Sunday, October 10, Prometric will release the latest version of Intelitest (v3.2), the cornerstone of Prometric’s suite of test development services. It will include a number of enhancements that will improve certain features of the tool as well as introduce the first version of an Intelitest Import Tool, which will be used by Prometric to import client items into the system.

New with this release, users will be able to better track the lifecycle of an item by organizing the screen displays in a more logical and intuitive manner. There will also be improvements to the administrator function, allowing the client selected admin more control over who has access to what content. Finally, there are several performance enhancements being implemented that will allow users to develop items and exams even more quickly.

Releasing the Intelitest import tool will allow Prometric to import your items into the Intelitest system much more quickly and easily than we were previously able. It used to be that importing your items into Intelitest was somewhat of a manual process. For that reason the time it took to complete the task varied depending on how many items were to be imported. The solution to simplifying this process through automation was to develop a Microsoft Excel-based template that will allow Prometric to import your items and their related assets in a much more streamlined manner. This tool will substantially hasten the implementation process and allow clients transitioning to Intelitest to start using their new item banking tool even more quickly.